The Disaster/Emergency Fund was set up to provide assistance to citizen and residents who were greatly affected by any major emergency/disaster and are unable to recover rapidly. Following a thorough review of all claim documents submitted by the affected party in addition to the investigation report prepared by the DDM, the Disaster/Emergency Fund Committee will make a decision in regards to compensation. If approved, funds will be disbursed for essential items ONLY. Relief assistance may take the following forms: Food relief; Shelter or emergency accommodation grant; material or equipment for livelihood such as in Fisheries and Agriculture; medical assistance; and financial grants.


Step 1: Customer completes and submits the Emergency Relief & Assistance Form to the Department of Disaster Management (DDM). 

Step 2:  The claimant or a suitable representative would be required to attend the site visit to be conducted by the DDM.

Step 3: Claim is prepared and submitted to the Disaster Fund Committee for consideration.

Step 4:  Claimants are notified directly by the Disaster Fund Committee of whether or not their claims have been accepted and the decision of the Committee.

Method of Applying

In Person, Email

Turn Around Time

1 to 2 Weeks

Additional Notes

Attach any relevant pictures/reports, insurance documents pertaining to the incident.

Department Contact Information

Department of Disaster Management

#3o DeCastro Street,
Road Town, Tortola,
British Virgin Islands.


Business Hours:

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Email Address:

Tel: (284)468-4200
Fax: (284)494-2024