Nuisance complaints are usually related to obnoxious odors, water and atmospheric pollution, unacceptable food safety practices, mosquito and rodent infestations and indiscriminate dumping of waste water, sewerage and solid waste and any other concern that may be deemed a public health threat.


Step 1:  Complainants can submit completed Complaint Registration Form to the Division or they can call the Division to report a complaint.

Step 2:  The complaint is passed on to the investigating Environmental Health Officer.

Step 3:  The Officer conducts an investigation to verify if a nuisance exists.

Step 4:  The Officer makes contact with the perpetrator to inform them of the existing nuisance without implicating the complainant.  An appointment is set up with the perpetrator on site for further discussion and to examine options for remedying the nuisance.

Step 5:  The Officer makes contact with complainant to inform him/her that the complaint is under investigation and to advise of any progress made or possible outcome envisaged.

Step 6:  The perpetrator is served an official nuisance notice which provides instructions for and a time frame in which abatement of the nuisance must occur.

Step 7:  The Officer continues to make periodic visits to monitor remedial progress and where possible maintain contact with the perpetrator to provide any guidance necessary.  (During these visits the Officer collects evidence of the existing nuisance and any stage of remedial measures applied).

Step 8:  After the time frame to abate the nuisance has expired a followup inspection is conducted by the Officer.  If the nuisance still exists or has been temporarily abated because of poor abatement measures, the Officer proceeds with the compilation of a court statement.  The matter is then registered in the Magistrates Court by the Office of Public Prosecutions.

Method of Applying

Call, write, email or visit the Division

Turn Around Time

Investigation to be commenced in one to three days of receipt of complaint.

Additional Notes

Complaints can be registered anonymously through undisclosure of name or contact information.  However, this may impede the process of investigation and further hamper the legal proceedings aimed at resolving the nuisance.


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