To provide certificate of character for individuals requesting this service.


Step 1:  Customer obtains an application for a police certificate, fills out form and takes form (or proxy with a letter) along with required documents to Road Town Police Station Administration Front Desk staff.

Step 2:  Staff goes through form and documents to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Step 3:  Fee is collected and a receipt is given to the customer.

Step 4:  The application is date stamped. 

Step 5:  The application is recorded in the Transaction logbook and forwarded to the Statistical Unit for processing. 

Step 6:  The records are checked by the Statistical Unit and document is prepared by the Unit 

Step 7:  Application and Police Certificate are returned to the Administration who then forwards the certificate for verification to the authorized Police Officer.

Step 8:  The Certificate is signed by an authorized Police Officer and returned to the Administration Unit for distribution.

Step 9:  Customer (or proxy with a letter) returns after indicated time period with receipt, signs for and collects Certificate.

Supporting Documents

Valid Identification

Method of Applying

In Person

Turn Around Time


Department Contact Information

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

P.O. Box 64
Road Town, Tortola

Business Hours:

For Administration services, office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm. 

Email Address:

RVIPF three-digit access number 311 for BVI callers
Direct Line: 1-284-368-5371

1-284-494-3822 (Overseas customers)