The Labour Department is testing a new process for work permit renewals. It is part of efforts to provide a faster, easier and more efficient service for customers.

Persons whose current work permit will expire between April 17 and June 11, 2017 are eligible to participate in the test phase. To learn more about the test phase and for instructions on how you can participate, review the process below.

Persons who do not wish to participate in the test phase should complete the First and Second Schedule and submit same to the Labour Department.


To participate in the testing, please follow these steps to apply for renewal of your Work Permit.

1. Schedule an appointment to submit your application.
a. An employee (or employer on behalf of an employee) schedules an appointment four weeks before the work permit expires. The table below helps you determine the correct time to submit your application. Only one application will be accepted during each appointment time.


b. Make an Appointment
Please provide the employee’s first and last name and telephone number.

2. Get the application package.
Download the Work Permit Renewal Application Form.

Part 1 of the application form must be completed and signed by the employer.

Part 2 of the application form must be completed and signed by the employee.

Please fill out all the fields, print and sign the application. If some of the fields are not applicable, enter N/A.

In Part 1, the employer is asked to classify their business in the most appropriate economic sector. The employer is also asked to report the applicant’s occupation. Please consult the following tables before answering those questions:


 Chief Executives, Senior Officials and Legislators

 Administrative and Commercial Managers

 Production and Specialized Services Managers

 Hospitality, Retail and Other Services Managers

 Science and Engineering Professionals

 Health Professionals

 Teaching Professionals

 Business and Administration Professionals

 Information and Communications Technology Professionals

 Legal, Social and Cultural Professionals

 Science and Engineering Associate Professionals

 Health Associate Professionals

 Business and Administration Associate Professionals

 Legal, Social, Cultural and Related Associate Professionals

 Information and Communications Technicians

 General and Keyboard Clerks

 Customer Services Clerks

 Numerical and Material Recording Clerks

 Other Clerical Support Workers

 Personal Services Workers

 Sales Workers

 Personal Care Workers

 Protective Services Workers

 Market-oriented Skilled Agricultural Workers

 Market-oriented Skilled Forestry, Fishery and Hunting Workers

 Subsistence Farmers, Fishers, Hunters and Gatherers

 Building and Related Trades Workers (excluding Electricians)

 Metal, Machinery and Related Trades Workers

 Handicraft and Printing Workers

 Electrical and Electronic Trades Workers

 Food Processing, Woodworking, Garment and Other Craft and Related Trades Workers

 Stationary Plant and Machine Operators


 Drivers and Mobile Plant Operators

 Cleaners and Helpers

 Agricultural, Forestry and Fishery Labourers

 Labourers in Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Transport

 Food Preparation Assistants

 Street and Related Sales and Services Workers

 Refuse Workers and Other Elementary Workers

 Economic Sectors:

 Agriculture, forestry and fishing

 Mining and quarrying


 Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

 Water supply; sewerage, waste management
 and remediation activities


 Wholesale and retail trade; repair of
 motor vehicles and motorcycles

 Transportation and storage

 Accommodation and food service activities

 Information and communication

 Financial and insurance activities

 Real estate activities

 Professional, scientific and technical activities

 Administrative and support service activities

 Public administration and defence;
 compulsory social security


 Human health and social work activities

 Arts, entertainment and recreation

 Other service activities

 Activities of households as employers


3. Submit your application.

Submit your application and any supporting documents to the Labour Department on the date and time selected in Step 1. If you are late or you miss your scheduled appointment, you will have to reschedule by following Part B of Step 1.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 


4. Check the status of your application.

a. Completed applications for renewals will be processed within two weeks.  

b. During the two-week processing, applicants or your employers may be contacted if additional information is needed.  

c. Two weeks from the date you submitted the application, visit the Work Permit Status Page to find out whether your application has been approved and is ready for pick up. You will need to have your work permit number available when checking the status online.  Alternatively, we will contact you once your application is processed and ready for pick up. Please ensure that we have a correct phone number and/or e-mail to reach you. 


Supporting Documents

All applicants must provide:

  • Completed application form, signed by the employer and by the employee.
  • Valid passport.
  • Current work permit card.
  • One passport size photo.

Other documents we may need:

  • Copy of the employer’s trade license relevant for this work permit. Note: Copies of trade licenses are submitted by employers once a year. If your employer has already submitted their license to Labour Department for the current year, you do not have to submit the copy again. Please confirm with your employer that the current copy is submitted to the Labour Department before you submit your renewal application.

Copy of a renewed professional license for the following occupations:

  • Diver: Certified PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)/NAVI (Nautical Training) Certificate, Captain license, STCW Certificate
  • Charter Yacht: STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping) Certificate, Captain License/Virgin Islands Boat Masters License
  • Financial Services: approval letter or certificate from Financial Services Commission where applicable.
  • Vet/ Agriculture/Farming: Certified copy of certification from Department of Agriculture.
  • Fishing: Renewal Fishing License
  • Doctor: Renewal Certificate from the Medical Board and the Minister of Health
  • Nurse: Renewal Certificate of Approval from the Medical Board
  • Lawyers: Renewal BVI Bar certificate

Method of Applying

In Person

Turn Around Time

14 Working Days

Department Contact Information


Ashley Ritter Bldg
Road Town, Tortola 
Virgin Islands (British) VG1110

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday  
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Cashier: 8:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Email Address:

Telephone: 1(284) 468-4707
Fax: 1(284) 494-3027/468-2570

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