BVI/US Visa Waivers

A U.S. Visa Waiver passport stamp for holders of a Virgin Islands Passport. 

NBB Loan Guarantee Programme (LGP)

The National Business Bureau Loan Guarantee Programme (NBB LGP) is a joint initiative of the Government of the Virgin Islandsand the National Bank of the Virgin Islands.  The National Business Bureau Loan Programme encourages and supports community economic development by making loan funds available at the community level to small startup or existing businesses.  The program is used to provide help to entrepreneurs who otherwise might not get started.

Who may apply?

National Business Bureau

Overview:  The National Business Bureau (NBB) was established specifically for the development of the MSME sector.  Its general mandate is to create a nurturing business environment whereby a network of businesses, agencies and organisations can partner with the Government in order to revitalise and sustain economic growth.  NBB’s efforts to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners are especially critical during these difficult economic times.

Trade License

This service provides individuals with the opportunity to apply and obtain a license of trade for their business(es), if eligible. 

Trade license fees are paid on an annual basis and depend on the category of business and whether you are a BVIslander or not.