Complete Health Improvement Programme CHIP

What's CHIP?


The Complete Health Improvement Program or CHIP, founded in 1987, is a course designed to PREVENT, ARREST and REVERSE many common CHRONIC DISEASES.
CHIP is a 10-week programme that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices, stress management, weight loss, disease prevention and includes cooking demonstrations. The registration fee is $200 and covers group sessions and course reading materials. 


About CHIP


CHIP is a research-tested, intensive lifestyle medicine intervention solution designed to prevent, arrest and facilitate the reversal of many common chronic diseases. Since 1987, CHIP has impacted thousands of participants and generated more than 35 published scientific articles. 
CHIP is a community-based intervention programme that uses behavioral change principles, education in an entertaining style and modern adult learning tools to help participants make fundamental lifestyle changes that are proven to lower key risk factors in 10 weeks. CHIP is a powerful disease reversal tool that disrupts and curtails the rising chronic disease rates in a highly effective manner. 


Why CHIP works


  • Scientifically based
  • Embraces a wholistic health perspective 
  • Promotes self-monitoring
  • Community focused
  • Credible facilitators


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