Press Release

Ministry of Health & Social Development
Release Date:
Thursday, 8 February 2018 - 9:40am

1074 households have benefitted from the Financial Assistance Programme led by the BVI Red Cross with the support of the Government of the British Virgin Islands.

The programme received financial support from the Department of International Development (DFID), Caritas Antilles and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA), post Hurricanes Irma and Maria disasters.

Of the 1074 registered households, 3531 individuals benefited from the financial assistance (nearly 12 percent of the population of the BVI).

Households received three disbursements ranging from $800 USD to $1200 USD each depending on the number of members in each household. Overall, more than $3,190,000 USD have been distributed, and is now benefiting the local economy.

The household selection process was based on the household income, employment status and damage to the home. Priority was given to larger households, single headed households, households with children under 5 or elderly over 65, and households with members with a disability or severe health problems.

Ninety-Seven point five percent (97.5%) of households who received assistance were satisfied with the programme according to a survey done at the beginning of January, 2018 with seven percent (7%) of recipients. Additionally, seventy- eight point five percent (78.5%) of the people indicated that the amount allocated was sufficient in meeting their basic needs such as food, water, rent, transportation, communication and household items. The cash distribution also allowed flexibility for households to spend money on their specifics needs.

There were over 12 different categories recorded for the use of the grant, inclusive of rent, education, household repairs and paying debts. Red Cross volunteers also reported the recipients have shown extreme gratitude for the help received.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Mrs. Petrona Davies and the participating partners expressed their satisfaction in knowing the grants distributed had a positive impact and helped families to better afford basic needs and assist in their recovery efforts following the hurricanes.

Persons interested in finding out more details about the Financial Assistance Programme and its results are asked to contact the BVI Red Cross at or the BVIRedCross Facebook page.

Residents, who are still experiencing financial hardships, can contact the Social Development Department at 468-3650, 468-9371 or email by for more information on getting assistance.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development aspires to provide a caring and integrated system of health and social services that facilitates the recovery of human development and quality of life in the British Virgin Islands.


Adrianna J. Soverall

Ministry of Health and Social Development
Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Telephone: 1(284)468-2272 or 2174