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Release Date:
Wednesday, 29 May 2024 - 2:50pm

His Excellency, the Governor, Daniel Pruce signed agreements with authorised officers to expand their ability to appoint public officers to now include Grades 8 to12, in accordance with the Appointment to Public Office (Devolution of Human Resource Functions) (Amendment) Regulations, 2024.

Governor Pruce was joined by Deputy Governor, Mr. David D. Archer, Jr. and Senior Managers from across the Public Service’s nine ministries, the Cabinet Secretary,  the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police to sign the agreements on 27th May, marking a significant moment in the advancement of Human Resources Management within the Public Service.

In 2008, the Devolution Regulations were introduced to allow autonomy in the Human Resources Management of public officers within Grades 1 to 7, including recruitment, releasing, the administration of disciplinary matters, career and succession planning and employee record management. Through the signing of an expansion agreement, human resources teams within Ministries are now empowered to manage the key human resources functions of public officers within grades 1 to12.

At the Signing Ceremony, Governor Pruce said, “The Devolution process and the documentation for signature today will take the Public Service a significant step forward on a journey towards improving efficiency and effectiveness and also empowering managers that are closest to the point of delivery to take important HR decisions themselves”

            Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Deputy Governor, Mrs. Sharleen DaBreo-Lettsome MBE said, “We have cultivated a new vision for the Department of Human Resources that speaks to the need to become more agile and responsive to the Public Service. The expansion of the Devolution Regulations now puts the management of key HR functions in the hands of professionals throughout the various ministries, increasing efficiency and our ability to be readily available to our valued clients.”

            The March 2023 audit identified the programme’s strengths and areas for improvement. The audit determined that authorised officers were acting in accordance with the regulations and there was opportunity to further advance Devolution with only few areas needing to be addressed.

            Public Service Transformation Manager, Mrs. Kishann Cupid Braithwaite said, “The vast majority of the Public Service’s population is within grades 1 to12. As the Transformation of the Public Service progresses, the expansion of our Devolution Regulations now ensures that we can effectively manage this critical group for optimum efficiency, employee satisfaction and continued advancements”.

            Mrs. Cupid Braithwaite continued, “We have already made significant strides in the area of Human Resources through a rigorous digitisation programme that has transformed the way we recruit, manage and promote public officers. This is only the beginning, the Public Service is rapidly transforming into a world-class organisation.”

            The Department of Human Resources’ vision is to become an agile, responsive and engaged department, efficiently meeting the needs of all clients.


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