Ministry of Communications and Works
Release Date:
Thursday, 20 February 2020 - 3:47pm

Statement by Hon Kye Rymer
Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities

 at the Fifth Sitting of the Second Session of the Fourth
House of Assembly of the Virgin Islands

On Accommodation and Relocation
20th February 2020

Mister Speaker, since the decision was made by Cabinet to have the rehabilitation works on the R.T. O’Neal Administration complex carried out by the Ministry of Transportation, Works and Utilities, the Ministry has been hard at work.  As a matter of health and safety, it was decided that all occupants of the building needed to vacate the premises.  The process of finding available office space for the remaining Ministries and Departments is now completed and I am pleased to report that several rental leases have been signed and others are being finalized.   (See Appendix A for listing)

To date, Professional Roofing has delivered 98 percent of the works in replacing the waterproofing membrane- hence the roof is now water tight. Finishing works is taking place and we expect to receive certification of the installation for the warranty purposes within the coming days before acceptance of the completed job. Note that the warranty is for 25years.  Mister Speaker Wallan Glass Suppliers the company that will replace the skylights at the R.T.O’Neal Complex is expected to commence works in the coming weeks as the first container with the metal frames is due to arrive at Port Purcell shortly.  Additional updates will be forthcoming.