Premier's Office
Release Date:
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 - 11:01am



Good day and God’s Blessings to everyone.

In the space of two weeks, we heard of two fatal shootings in our community. On Wednesday, September 2, Mr. George “Shawala” Burrows was shot in his home. On Thursday, September 10, Mr. Matthew Daly was shot in the Spring Ghut. In both instances, both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

At this time, as a Government, we express our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families, friends, and colleagues of both men. We empathise and sympathise with the families of the victims and are deeply sorry for their loss, as it is always difficult losing a loved one. We pray that God will keep them strong and bring them comfort during this difficult time as they grapple with the realities of what has happened.

As a Government, we do not condone such senseless acts of violence as there is zero-tolerance to crime of any kind. No one must deprive another of the right to live or to live in safety.  People cannot be making their own decisions on how to handle matters on their own.

Persons engaging any illegal activities will be sought after vigorously and brought to justice. Your Government will not allow the actions of a few individuals to endanger the welfare of the BVI and our economy.

The British Virgin Islands is a place of peace where people live and also visit to enjoy what we have to offer as a destination and jurisdiction. Right now, we are faced with COVID-19, and we want to ensure that we are all concentrating all our efforts in keeping people safe and healthy in ‘The New Regular.’

This is not the time, place, and country for crime. This is a place where there is BVILOVE.

As a Government, we will continue to ensure that law enforcement agencies get the resources necessary for executing their work. We will also strengthen the laws and make the penalties stiffer and uncompromising to deter anyone who thinks about or commits nefarious crimes.

Your Government is in support of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) in solving all crimes. As a Government, we join with the RVIPF to re-emphasise that persons with any information related to either incident please contact Detective Inspector Vernon Larocque directly at 368-9809 or via the Major Crime Investigation Team at 368-5682.

As a Government, we have been assured that all information provided will be treated with discretion and confidentiality.

Let us all work together to bring these matter to an end. Let us keep each other safe. Let us focus on making sure that our economy is strengthened and not weakened. Let us make sure that we focus our efforts on building up each other and not taking the lives of another.

Remember, one of our mantras in the BVI, EACH LIFE MATTERS!

Remember, we are in this together to keep the BVI a safe place.

May the peace of the Lord be over the BVI.

I thank you.