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Office of the Supervisor of Election
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Friday, 19 February 2021 - 1:07pm

Experienced public officer and recurring election staffer Ms. Scherrie Griffin has been appointed as the Supervisor of Elections effective February 18, 2021.

Ms. Griffin’s 21 years in the Public Service have been primarily in the legal arena, including leadership experience as Acting Deputy Court Manager and as Human Development Project Manager at the Recovery and Development Agency. She also has considerable experience in the area of social development along with conducting elections. Over the course of the Virgin Islands General Elections of 2011, 2015, and 2019, Ms. Griffin has supported the Office of the Elections Supervisor in temporary roles including poll clerk, tally clerk, and presiding officer.

Now, she will take up the mantle of Elections Supervisor, filling the post held by Ms. Juliette Penn for the past 18 years.

Deputy Governor Mr. David D. Archer, Jr. welcomed Ms. Griffin to the role, saying that her mix of professional experience in the areas of social development, criminal justice, and elections administration make her an ideal candidate to ensure elections are accessible and conducted in accordance with the law.

“The Elections Supervisor has to fulfill the requirements of the Elections Act and the Virgin Islands Constitution and to ensure that all eligible voters can participate in the democratic process. It is no exaggeration to say that this post helps uphold our Virgin Islands democracy,” he said.

The Deputy Governor also thanked outgoing Elections Supervisor Ms. Penn, whose sound guidance has brought the Territory’s elections into the technological age.

“Eighteen years ago when Mrs. Penn was appointed, we did not know that so many changes to the way we record and count our votes were coming, but Ms. Penn has implemented each new development with sound judgement and understanding,” Mr. Archer said.

He went on to describe how Ms. Penn has come to be regarded as an expert, having been invited to serve as an election observer in the Turks and Caicos general election in 2012; in White Plains, New York in 2016; and in the United Kingdom in 2017.

“Her experience helped guide our elections and those of other jurisdictions. I thank her for her amazing record of service, which was also commended by elections observers from the United Kingdom after the 2019 General Election here in the Virgin Islands,” Mr. Archer said.

The mission of the Office of the Supervisor of Elections is to provide general direction and supervision over the registration of voters and the administration of free and fair elections in the Virgin Islands; and to impart efficient, reliable and courteous service to the general public.  


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