Management is responsible for maintaining an adequate system of internal control. Internal auditors independently evaluate the adequacy of the existing internal control systems by analyzing and testing controls. The Internal Audit Department makes recommendations, based on their review, to management to improve controls.
Yes, the new phones use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for placing and transmitting telephone calls over an IP network such as the Internet.
Once you are employed and receiving an income, you are subject to pay taxes on the first dollar after earning $10,000.00.

Disposal of Government's asset such as vehicles, copiers, computers and furniture are carried out by auction, sale transfer or otherwise.

i. The annual budget estimates can be purchased from the Ministry of Finance or at the Passport Office (Civil Registry and Passport Office Department).

ii. For research, students must make a written request to the Financial Secretary.


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The calling features varies. Therefore, users need to refer to the user guide that was provided with the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone or contact the Telephone Services Management Unit for assistance.

The internal auditors' are part of the organization. Their objectives are determined by professional standards, the board, and management. Their primary clients are management and the board. External auditors are not part of the organization, but are engaged by it. Their objectives are set primarily by statute and their primary client­ the board of directors. The internal auditors' scope of work is comprehensive. It serves the organization by helping it accomplish its objectives, and improving operations, risk management, internal controls, and governance processes. Concerned with all aspects of the organization- both financial and non-financial --.the internal auditors focus on future events as a result of their continuous review and evaluation of controls and processes. The primary mission of the external auditors is to provide an independent opinion on the organization's financial statements, annually. Their approach is historical in nature, as they assess whether the statements conform to generally accepted accounting principles, whether they fairly present the financial position of the organization, whether the results of operations for a given period of time are accurately represented, and whether the financial statements have been materially affected.

The RRL will rehabilitate and rebuild infrastructure, re-establish early warning systems and emergency communications, provide sustainable support to persons with psychosocial needs and help build community resilience among parents, teachers, students, youth and other vulnerable groups. Government also engages communities to participate in the different phases of the implementation of the loan.  In addition, the RRL project tendering processes provide business opportunities to local contractors and suppliers and training on preparing tender and CDB guidelines.