The Ministry of Financial Services, Trade and Labour focuses on the regulation and oversight of financial institutions and services within the territory. Its responsibilities include managing banking regulations, monitoring financial markets, promoting financial stability, and implementing policies to support economic growth. The ministry also works on initiatives to enhance financial inclusion, consumer protection, and investor confidence.

It is also responsible for developing and implementing policies related to commerce. Its primary objectives include promoting exports, attracting foreign direct investment, negotiating trade agreements, and removing barriers to trade. The ministry also is involved in addressing trade disputes, supporting domestic industries, and ensuring compliance with trade regulations.

And finally, it also focuses on labor-related policies and initiatives within the territory. Its key responsibilities include formulating and implementing labor laws, regulations, and standards to protect workers' rights and ensure fair employment practices. The ministry also oversees labor market trends, work on policies related to wages, occupational health and safety, employment benefits, and facilitates labor relations between employers and employees.


Banking (includes National Bank of the Virgin Islands)
Consumer Affairs
Economic Planning
Financial Services
Human Resource Planning
Science and Technology (including Digital Transformation)
Trade and Business (including Licences)
Workforce Development

Departments & Units

Anti-money Laundering Unit
International Business Regulations Counter Terrorist Financing Unit

Statutory Bodies

Labour, Arbitration Tribunal
Scientific Committee
BVI Finance Board
National Bank of the Virgin Islands