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If your belongers card is damaged, you may bring it to the Civil Registry & Passport Office immediately and apply for a new one. Your belongers card is a valuable document. Keep it safe at all times and be sure it does not get lost, stolen or damaged. It is designed to cope with normal wear and tear.
1) Contact the principal of the school. 2) If you are still dissatisfied with the handling of the complaint, you may speak with the Chief Education Officer.

The Tribunal hearings and trials are normally held at its office and the hearings are held in a hearing room, except it is possible to hold hearings and trials by video conference. Hearings are heard before the Chairman sitting alone and the trial is heard before three members who together are referred to as the full panel. They are the Chairman who will run the proceedings, a person representing the complainant or all complainants and a person representing the respondent or all respondents, who are each appointed by the Minister on the recommendation of the parties once the person has been approved to be on the Roster of Accredited Labour Arbitrators.

As of 01 August 2020, the current Chairman is Mr. Jamal S. Smith, LLB(Hons.), MCIArb.

You make your recommendation by writing to the person you wish to recommend and having them complete a Form of Consent. If they are not already on the Roster of Accredited Labour Arbitrators then they must ­le an application to be entered on the Roster. The person you recommend cannot charge you any fee unless that fee agreement is disclosed to the Tribunal when ­ling the Form of Consent.

The atmosphere is like the High Court but slightly less formal. For example, there are no wigs or gowns, but evidence is taken on oath and there are rules about what happens. You must be appropriately dressed and follow the Rules of Etiquette that will be provided to you by the Secretary to the Tribunal.

Case Management Hearings are held in private, but trials with the full panel are open to the public, unless the parties agree to have the trial in private or there is an issue of con­fidentiality that arises where the Tribunal feels it is necessary to hold the trial in private.

A valid passport and if a visa is required, it should be included in the passport before entry into the territory.

There are two cases where more simple development applications can be reviewed and approved within the department. These generally include subdivisions up to five parcels and residential developments up to five units.

  • Amendment of Charges
  • Charges
  • Discharges
  • Easements
  • Judgment Charges
  • Leases
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Powers of Sale
  • Restrictive Agreements
  • Subleases
  • Surrender of Lease
  • Transfers
  • Transmissions
  • Variation of Charges



According to tradition, interest/ownership in a British Ship is divided into 64 Shares. A vessel is entitled to be registered, if a majority of the interest (at least 33 of the 64 shares) is owned by qualified persons (individuals or Bodies Corporate). Foreign persons may own a minority interest (up to 31 of the 64 shares) in the ship; or register ship under a qualified company owned by them.

There are 21 salary grades in the Government's pay schedule; each grade has a series of steps. Upon first appointment, you will typically be placed in the first step of the grade for which you are selected, depending on your additional qualifications if in excess of the minimum qualifications advertised in the vacancy notice. Occasionally, exceptions can be made for applicants with hard to find or highly desirable skills. These exceptions are at the discretion of the Director of Human Resources and are not an employee entitlement.
Although there is a distinction between a Records Centre and Archives, successful National Archives programmes manage records through their entire life cycle. In the Virgin Islands it has been recommended that the National Archives and the National Records Centre be housed on the same property so the management continuum is unhindered by distance between facilities.
An officer does not earn leave, when he or she is on study leave, additional sick leave, interdiction or leave without pay.
You can make changes at any time by completing and submitting the Bupa Addition, Cancellation or Change Form.

The office was first established in 1992 as the Women's Desk under the Chief Minister's Office.  It was renamed in 2001 to the Office of Gender Affairs to reflect equality and equity for both males and females.

No, birth certificates will be required for all individuals connected as proof of claim to belonger status (i.e. applicant’s birth – born outside the V.I., applicant’s father’s birth – born outside the V.I. and applicant’s paternal grandparent birth – born in the Territory). Baptismal and/or marriage certificates as well as deed polls or affidavits are required to show transition to other names or clarify any inconsistencies.
Applications received during the period January to April of each year are processed for September (private and public) in November are processed for January (Private Only). Applications for students whose parents are issued contracts with the B.V.I. Government will be processed based on the time the contracts are issued.

Every Thursday morning at the Quatisky Building, downstairs in the Conservation and Fisheries conference room.  Registration is from 8:30 am to 9:00 am and the session follows from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

: New job vacancies may be posted on any day, Monday through Friday, so it is a good idea to check regularly. Go to "How to Apply" for detailed instructions on how to search for the job you want and information on the hiring process. If you can't find what you are interested in, you can ask to be notified by e-mail when new jobs are posted that match the career stream you are interested in. See Job Alert.

a.    Margate (January 1 – March 31)
b.    Red Hind (January 1 – March 31)
c.    Nassau Grouper (March 1 – May 31)
d.    Turtle (April 1 – November 30)
e.    Lobster (July 31 – October 31)
f.    Conch (August 15 – October 31)
g.   Whelk (August 15 – October 31)


Persons ordinarily residing in the territory for 20 years are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Residence. They should have a desire to live in the territory and have a good character.

Full details of visits and visit numbers can be found on this website.

Persons can apply for Belonger Status if they are in possession of a valid Certificate of Residence or is married to a Belonger and residing with spouse for five years in the territory.

An employee has to give his employer a medical certificate of illness no later than the second day of illness.


The only time the prison can lawfully hold a person is following a committal by the court, at that point they are remanded into prison custody and are handed over by the Police. The only exception to this rule is in immigration cases whereby the immigration service will issue a holding warrant and the person.

All submission must be received by the deadline please check with your guidance officer for deadlines at your school.  

The Annual Environmental Education Summer Programme is held in the month of July.