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A  $40 stamp duty per document is payable.

All food handlers must be free from communicable diseases and keep all parts of their clothing as clean as reasonably practicable.  They must have short clean fingernails free from artificial nails, wash hands as often as necessary and be free from any infected cut or abrasion.

Entry level requirements – as a Teacher Trainee: (i) Four GCE O’Level passes at Level C including English Language and Mathematics (ii) Four Grades I, II or III CXC passes at General Proficiency including English Language and Mathematics (iii) Secondary School leaving Certificate Grade 1 or II with at least four Level A including English Language and Mathematics (iv) A combination of (i), (ii) and (iii) or the equivalent including English and Mathematics. 2. Entry level requirements — as a Teacher (i) An Associate Degree in Teacher Education or in a specific subject area or a Teacher Certificate. (ii) A Bachelor’s Degree in a specific subject area plus Teaching experience.

The international observations celebrated by the Office of Gender Affairs include:

  • International Women's Day on 8th March;
  • Men's Health Week in June;
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October;
  • 16 Days of Activism from 25th November (International Day for the Elimination to end Violence against Women) to 10th December (International Human Rights Day).
The fee is $100 for a newly formed organisation. For existing organisations where the gross annual income does not exceed two hundred and fifty thousand dollars the fee is $50. For existing organisations where the gross annual income exceeds two hundred and fifty thousand dollars the fee is $100.

The objectives of the Office of Gender Affairs are:

  • To comply with the United Nations Conventions that promotes gender equality and equity accepted by the Government of the Virgin Islands (British)
  • To continually raise awareness about gender in the quest for a sustained and equitable society
  • To ensure the full enjoyment by all of their fundamental human rights and freedoms

The main office is opened to the public from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Mondays to Fridays.  The incinerator is opened to the public from 6 am to 7 pm daily.

There are six alphanumeric postcodes for addresses in the British Virgin Islands, these postcodes are as followed:

VG1110 – Tortola Central
VG1120 – Tortola East
VG1130 – Tortola West
VG1140 – Anegada
VG1150 – Virgin Gorda
VG1160 – Jost Van Dyke

A letter of your decision to close the establishment should be sent to the Environmental Health Division in order for us to update our records.

The proprietor must seek registration of that operation after which an inspection for licencing will be conducted.

Change of ownership must be sought with the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs and the proof of such change must be submitted via a copy of the new Trade Licence to the Environmental Health Division.

Please follow the steps indicated for our New Food Establishment Registration and Licencing Service.

Additional requirements for person(s) who resides in the territory with their spouse are required to bring the following documents in order to obtain a license for the BVI:

  • Spouse’s passport.
  • Spouse’s work permit card.
  • Spouse’s employment letter for those that works for the government.
  • Exemption letter with receipt.
To register for the programme one must complete a registration form. (This can be collected from the Student Services Centre, Department of Education.

You need to write a cover letter to the Minister and provide evidence of what you need the assistance for.


All commercial vessels are subject to requirements of the STCW 78/95 Convention. BVI issues appropriate STCW 95 endorsements recognizing certificates issued by other administrations which are listed in the IMO Whitelist.

Vessels certified under the Caribbean Small Commercial Vessels Code (SCV Code) must carry a master holding a ‘Boatmaster’ licence issued under the SCV Code. Examinations for Boatmaster Licence and Boat Engineer Licence are conducted by the VISR.  


For pleasure vessels of over 24 metres in load line length please refer to UK MGN 195 (M) (Deck Officers) and MGN 156 (M) (Engineer Officers)

  • As members of the General British Registry of Ships, BVI registered vessels are subject to the same safety, security and environmental protection standards and regulations as UK vessels.
  • Commercial vessels are to comply with MCA Codes of Practice for Commercial Vessels of their type, class and size.
  • Vessels operating in the Caribean are to comply with respective Caribbean Codes or Regulations.
  • Certificates issued by the UK are recognized.


The Study Leave Assessment Board presents a list of training prorities for the Public Service, annually. This list identified those skills that are critical for the sustainability of the Government and are scarce.

The registration section, block number and parcel number of the property of interest.

The employer can deduct the wage for the public holiday where an employee fails to work on the last scheduled working day before or the scheduled working day after a public holiday.

You can bring clothes and foodstuffs and some electrical equipment. All drinks must be in sealed bottle, foodstuffs must be packaged in such a way that they can be searched. Any other items must be approved before they can be brought in. Visitors must be aware that bringing a prohibited item into a prison is a criminal offense and you can be subject to arrest and charge.

An NPO may appeal to the Minister against the decision made by the board within 21 days of receipt of the notice that the application has been rejected.

Persons who misplaced their valid learner’s permit are required to purchase a new one and the expiration date will become effective from the date of purchase.

Use the Premises Self Inspection Guide Pamphlet as a guide for conducting an inspection of your premises once a week for mosquito breeding.  Eliminate any active or potential breeding containers (buckets, drums, old fridges, washers, tires etc.) by either discarding them or turning over those used for carrying water when not in use.  Cover water storage tanks and drums tightly to prevent them from being accessed by mosquitoes.