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You can come into the Environmental Health Division and obtain a replacement food handler's certificate.  Please ensure that you walk with a recent passport sized photo.

A locally registered architect or surveyor must file an application for permission inclusive of other required documents. The Town and Country Planning Department then conducts a review, which includes a field visit to the site. The findings along with the application are then sent to the Planning Authority, or dealt with in house.

Persons are encouraged to write to the Chief Immigration Officer requesting such permission. A response to these request are replied too within a week to ten (10) working days via mail.

When submitting the Application for Burial Form to the Ministry to import human remains from overseas, you should also submit an authentic death certificate showing cause of death and a burial permit from the Civil Registry. A letter of approval and an Importation Certificate or a letter of disapproval will be sent to you within two working days.

To work for the Government of the Virgin Islands, you may be a citizen (Virginislander or Belonger), or permanent resident of the Territory or authorized in writing to work in Territory under federal Immigration Act. You will only be asked for proof if an offer of employment is made to you. To work anywhere in the BVI, you need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) which you get from the local Social Security Board.
You will likely not know if you are in conflict of interest for the position until you discuss your concerns with the hiring manager when you receive an offer of employment. Upon acceptance of a job offer and your role as a public officer, you will be required to follow the conflict of interest provisions to ensure that your work and relationships are managed openly, fairly and transparently.

Check our website at: as often as possible. 

When a client is not satisfied with the outcome of their application they may request a meeting with the Division Supervisor.  If they are not satisfied with the decision of the Division Supervisor, a request can be made to speak with the Chief Social Development Officer.  In the event that the meeting with the Chief Social Development Officer is not satisfactory a request can be made to have an audience with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Referrals of students in need of special services such as counseling, assessment, remediation/intervention can be made directly to the school’s guidance counselor/school principal or the Student Service Centre located at the Cutlass Building, 224C Nibbs Street, Wickham’s Cay 1, Road Town.

a.    Fill out application form (Pleasure Fishing, Commercial Fishing (locals only) or Sport Fishing)
b.    Application Fee of USD10.00.
c.    Valid registration form of the fishing vessel.
d.    A copy of Identification of your nationality/passport.
e.    Submit all documents to the Conservation and Fisheries Department.


Persons must be 16yrs and older and successfully pass a written exam and motorcycle road skills test.

  • Operator needs a Motorcycle learner’s permit.
  • If a Motorcycle operator wants to obtain a Driver’s License they will have to do the cone & road test only seeing that they already passed the written test.

a.    Fill out Research Assistance Request Form.
b.    Submit to the Conservation and Fisheries Department
c.    Response within 3 Working Days


  • Make sure boundary marks are in accordance with a registered survey plan.
  • Maintain in good order any features that demarcate your property especially if the property is adjoining

Generally speaking, anyone can apply for services.  Eligibility for services will be determined by the eligibility criteria set out by policies and legislation.

Private Candidates: Register and pay relevant fees at the Department Students of Schools and other institutions: Register at their respective schools.

Check with your principal for details. For additional information, explore the Caribbean Examinations Council website at

Children who have attained the appropriate age who are belongers, go directly to the school with the required documents. Students who are non-belongers, go to the Department of Education with the required documents. Applications are received during January to April and November of each year for processing. Documents needed for belonger students: Original or certified birth certificate Updated immunization card issued by a doctor or the Public Health Department Documents needed for non-belongers students: In addition to the documents submitted for belonger students, the following are also required: One passport size photo Transcript (most recent) Proof of immigration status Completed application form (form available at the Department of Education) A certified letter of immunization from an established health clinic in the BVI.
Applicants are required to produce their old manual card in person for capturing their photo image and be accommodated with the new electronic card free of charge.

Upon expiration, you are mandated to complete the required medical examination and receive additional training for re-certification.

One can report a complaint as an anonymous complainant by filling out the Complaint Registration Form and placing anonymous in the space provided for name.  No additional information such as contact numbers etc. would be necessary.  Please note however, that it is the Division's policy to never reveal any complainant's name when investigating a complaint.  Sometimes when the person causing the nusiance is approached they may accuse who they believe to be the complainant,, but the Division remains silent on the matter whether they are right or wrong.  In other instances, depending on the nature of the complaint and who is being directly affected, it would be obvious who the complainant is.

As soon as you become ill after consumption of food, visit the nearest medical facility and request that samples of stool be collected for testing.  Preserve any leftover from the suspected meal.  Contact the Enviromental Health Division within eight hours for further instructions.

Complete the payroll authorisation form and submit to the Department of Human Resources.
The calling features varies. Therefore, users need to refer to the user guide that was provided with the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone or contact the Telephone Services Management Unit for assistance.

Oil spills occurring on land should be reported to the Conservation and Fisheries Department and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

While similar, the jobs differ since records managers are usually responsible for records from the creation of the record to the disposal (destruction or transfer to the Archives). Archivists are typically responsible for records transferred to the Archives and are concerned with the appraisal of records, their permanent preservation and the administration of their availability for consultation.