Press Release

Ministry of Health & Social Development
Department of Waste Management
Release Date:
Friday, 18 August 2023 - 11:20am

The Department of Waste Management (DWM) is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide environmentally sound waste oil management services in partnership with the department to the Territory for six months. 

The services include:

  • Collection of at minimum 4400 gallons of waste oils per month from household, restaurants, canteens, hotels, food stands, motor and marinas workshops, garages, End of Life Vehicles and End of Life Boats, recyclers, gasoline pumps and other businesses handling mineral oils and lubricants.
  • Maintaining records of the quantity of waste oil collected and any transboundary movements or movement between VI islands.
  • Safeguarding and storage of waste oil.
  • Assisting with the conduct of public education and the establishment of oil acceptance protocols to reduce the likelihood contamination.
  • Identifying and securing domestic or regional or international partnerships with re-users, recyclers of waste oil.
  •  Disposal of collected waste oil in manner approved by the department.

Interested Tenderers are asked to submit their bids in a sealed envelope with the name of the company and reference, “Waste Oil Management Services”. Firms will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Experience of the firm
  2. The quality and experience of the proposed waste oil management team
  3. The methodology and plan for the provision waste oil management services in the VI
  4. The ability to provide the full range of services required
  5. The firm’s approach to record keeping, safety health and environment and quality assurance considerations
  6. A contract or memorandum of understanding or letter from the receiving agent/state for waste oil which may be exported
  7. Value for money, particularly the added value that the management of waste oil methodology and plan will bring to the Department and the VI

The proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:




Total Points

Minimum Points


Qualification, Experience, Capacity and Resources

  1. Experience of the firm
  2. Experience of the Staff
  3. CVs/ Resumes/ Certifications





Response to Proposal

  1. The organisation, presentation, methodology and approach to the RFP
  2. Effectiveness of the Proposal as it relates to the proposed services
  3. A contract or memorandum of understanding or letter from the receiving agent/state for waste oil which may be exported




Company Services

  1. The scope of service as per the Notice, innovation, technical capacity, and relevance of responses to the Proposal




Proposed Fees, and other related Expenses to this proposal

  1. Best overall tendered price/ submission (Value for money)










All interested companies should contact the Department of Waste Management by email at or by telephone at 468-4934 to request any additional information. Respondents should have at least three, and preferably more, years of providing waste oil management services and must hold the appropriate licences, authorisations or certifications, where applicable.

Respondents are to submit a technical and financial proposal in separate envelopes due on 22 September 2023 by noon at the office of the Department of Waste Management located on the second floor of the Property Union Building located adjacent to Happy Lion Restaurant.

Technical proposals not obtaining the minimum technical points in any of the technical measures will be rejected and their financial envelope will not be opened. To be considered for this project, companies must submit a copy of their Trade Licence, Certificates of Good Standings from Inland Revenue, Social Security, and National Health Insurance together with their final proposal on 22 September 2023.

For additional queries, contact the Department of Waste Management at 284-468-4934 




Natasha Lettsome-Humphrey

Public Health Communications Specialist
Ministry of Health/Social Development
Telephone: 468-2286