The Study Leave Assessment Board presents a list of training prorities for the Public Service, annually. This list identified those skills that are critical for the sustainability of the Government and are scarce.
You will be interviewed by a panel of people. Panel interviews are efficient, and support a fair and transparent recruitment process. Conducting one interview allows the candidate to be assessed for the position by more than one person at a time and requires the candidate to answer one set of questions. Panel interviews also allow for all candidates to be given the same time and respect by the same interviewers. The interviewers usually include the manager who has a job opening in his or her department, a human resources representative and one other person.
Archivists are people professionally occupied in the administration and/or management of archives
Fees are US$125.00 which is payable upon submission of the application.

Applicants may remit payment in any of the following forms:

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Debit or Credit Cards
  • International Postal Money Orders
  • Bankers Cheques


If your belongers card is lost or stolen you need to report it immediately to the Civil Registry & Passport Office and to the local Police Authorities. Only after exhaustive enquiries can a replacement be issued in such circumstances and a fee of US$125.00 is remitted. The belongers card of deceased persons should be submitted for cancellation to the Civil Registry & Passport Office.

The Government of the Virgin Islands provides direct deposit for public officers and employees to receive their salaries automatically. Obtainging a checking or savings accounts is strongly encouraged and is the preferred.

A deductible is the amount of money that the member needs to pay before being compensated by Bupa. Treatment in the British Virgin Islands, u.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico is not subject to deductible. Treatment received elsewhere and within the Bupa Secure Network is subject to an annual deductible of Us$1,000 per member, per policy year not to exceed a maximum of two deductibles (Us$2,000) per policy year.
Permanent and pensionable appointments are appointments to an established position with a view of long-term employment and subject to pension benefits. This type of appointment is afforded to Virgin Islanders or those persons we are deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands by virtue of permanent residence or naturalisation.