If an officer closes his/her checking account and does not notify the Payroll Unit the officers' salary will continue to be deposited into that account. If this happens,  the officer must wait until the financial institution returns the money back to the Treasury Department which can take up to 2-4 business days. Once the Treasury Department is notified that the monies have been returned, a cheque may be issued to the officer.

Cross out any mistakes. Do not use correction fluid. If you make more than three mistakes on any line or do not provide a clear signature in section 6, you will need to fill a new form.

Yes. We know that in order for our programme to be successful officers must have confidence that conversations will remain confidential. No records of visits or counseling sessions will be placed on the officers' personal file. In circumstances where the counselor believes an officer may pose a risk to him/herself or others, or if the court mandates it, our counselors are required to report the situation to the relevant authorities.

No. Your application will be saved, but you must submit an application each time you want to apply for a position with the Government of the Virgin Islands.
Yes. Signing your appraisal form indicates that you have reviewed the appraisal form and discussed it with your supervisor not that you agree or accept it. If you disagree with your rating, the first thing you do is discuss the matter with your appraiser (supervisor). Explain your objections clearly and provide evidence to support your position. If you and your appraiser are unable to reach an agreement you should inform the Department of Human Resources of your objections. You can do this by making a note on your objections under the Employee Comments section of the appraisal form. The matter will then be reviewed by the Performance Management Unit.
Dependent coverage is available for the policyholder's dependent children up to their 19 birthday if single or up to their 24th birthday if single and full-time students at an accredited college or university (minimum of 12 credits per semester) or an equivalent full-time student schedule) at the time that the policy is issued and renewed.

The sirens located throughout the BVI form part of the Territory's Early Warning System.  Sirens are designed for outdoor use, therefore they are largely heard by persons who are outdoors when they sounded.  The national Siren System and National Emergency Brodcast System are tested at 2:00 p.m. on the fourth Friday of every month.  As a part of the test, the public is asked to tune into ZBVI, ZROD, ZKING or ZCCR for test messages from the Department of Disaster Management.

The public is not expected to react once the siren is sounded, as this is only a test.  However, some schools routinely use the opportunity to conduct their emergency drills with students evacuating school premises as they woukd in the event of an actual hazard event.

It is easy to differentiate between the testing of the siren and when they are sounded for an actual emergency,  For the monthly test, the sirens emit short audio burst but in real emergency, the sound would be continuous.


Please see the table of benefits on page 7 of your Bupa Secure Care BVI Membership Guide.

A  $40 stamp duty per document is payable.