No. Public officers are required to use his or her earned annual leave within the year it is earned.
Yes. The Government of the Virgin Islands is committed to fostering a climate of continuous learning where employees have access to a variety of learning opportunities and supports for career advancement. If you want to change your career path, learning opportunities are widely available to support your career transition. For more information, contact the our Department or your human resources manager.
Yes. If you have retired from the Public Service you are eligible to maintain your health insurance. To continue health insurance it will be at the retiree rate and you may have to complete the Bupa Addition, Cancellation or Change Form.
Employees may select up to three checking or savings accounts to divide their pay through Direct Deposit.
No. When participating in Direct Deposit, the full net pay amount must be made through Direct Deposit.
No, we cannot issue a belongers card in a name you have not legally acquired. The name you enter on your application, should match your birth, baptismal or marriage certificate and deed poll if applicable. If it does not, it could delay your application.
Yes, However it is preferred that you submit your application electronically.Submitting paper applications may delay the processing of your application. Online applications will be forwarded to the hiring departments more promptly.
Qualified persons who are deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands in accordance with section 2(2) of the Virgin Islands Constitution are given first preference before the appointment of non-Virgin Islanders. In rare cases, non-Virgin Islanders may be hired (appointed) when there are no qualified Virgin Islanders available, unless the appointment is prohibited by law.
No, you will not be required to submit supporting documents for cards issued by the Civil Registry & Passport Office in the past, provided that your records are current.