Tender Notice Title Closing Datesort ascending
Re-Tender: Supply of Finishes (Paint, Primer, and Epoxy Waterproof Coating) for the Elmore Stoutt High School Re-development Project
22 July 2022
Government Seeks Bids For Provision Of Forensic Lab Services
22 July 2022
Tenders Invited For Construction Of Social Home In White Bay
7 July 2022
Proposals Invited For Her Majesty’s Prison Waste Water Plant
7 June 2022
Invitation To Tender Supply of Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment For The Elmore Stoutt High School Re-Development Project British Virgin Islands REF. No.: RDA/ITT/2022/002/ICB
5 April 2022
Tenders Invited For Design Of Customs Cargo Centre
4 March 2022
Contract Signed For Restroom Facilities At Brewer’s Bay
28 February 2022
Tenders Invited For Voter And Election System
24 February 2022
Government Seeks Legal Practice Management Systems Proposals
24 February 2022
Tenders Invited For Waste Collection On Virgin Gorda
24 February 2022
Tenders Invited to Provide Transportation Security
6 January 2022
Tenders Invited To Construct Elevator Shaft And Install Elevator
14 December 2021
Tenders Invited To Construct Bathroom At New Market Square
2 December 2021
Tenders Invited For Admin Complex Building Envelope
28 September 2021
Tenders Invited For Administration Complex Basement Parking
31 August 2021
Tenders Invited For Collection Of Solid Waste
5 August 2021
Government Invites Quotations For Supply Of Furniture
16 July 2021
Tenders Invited For Brewers Bay Public Restrooms
22 June 2021
Tenders Invited For New Social Home At Fat Hog’s Bay
18 June 2021
Invitation to Tender Repair Works to the Perimeter Fencing of the Anegada Recreation Ground
9 June 2021
Tenders Invited For New Social Home In Purcell Estate
2 June 2021
Tenders Invited For Demolition Of Air Handling Units At Admin. Complex
29 May 2021
Tenders Invited For Construction Of The Huntum’s Ghut Economic Commercial Buildings
26 May 2021
Government Seeks Quotations For Supply Of Office Furniture
20 April 2021
Tenders Invited For Barging Of Waste From Jost Van Dyke
20 April 2021