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The Department must follow all Government policies on privacy and confidentiality.  Only those whose job requires them to view your personal information will have access to your information.  The staff at the Department are bound by strict confidentiality rules that do not allow unauthorized disclosure of your personal information.

A belonger is a person deemed to belong to the Virgin Islands.

A person is deemed to be a food handler if she/he engages in or assists in the carrying out of any process or operation in the sale, preparation, transport, storage, packaging and wrapping, service or delivery of food.

An Authorised Officer means a person occupying a designated public office to which the functions of the Governor pursuant to section 92 (8) or 93(3) of the Virgin Islands Constitution have been delegated to. An Authorised Officer may recruit, select and hire employees; administer disciplinary proceedings and develop and implement career and succession plans. The positions designated as Authorised Officers are: the Financial Secretary, Permanent Secretaries, Cabinet Secretary, Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police.