Ministry of Communications and Works is the arm of Government responsible for the infrastructural development of the Territory.  This responsibility is achieved through departments, statutory bodies and committees.


Ministry of Communications and Works is dedicated to ensuring the continued development and maintenance of public infrastructure in keeping with international standards so that public utilities are reliable and affordable in support of an enhanced community life for every resident and visitor in the Virgin Islands.


An organisation, with a highly motivated and continuously trained staff, that partners with relevant stakeholders to ensure that the Virgin Islands enjoy the highest standards of internationally acceptable public infrastructure and utilities within its means, so that by the year 2023, the Virgin Islands would:

  1. Have all sewage generated in the Territory disposed of in an environmentally-safe manner that meets international standards;
  2. Feature a pedestrian-friendly capital with a refreshing and pleasant ambience;
  3. Enjoy a public water supply system with water meeting international standards being available at-least 99% of the time;
  4. Enjoy a reliable electricity supply powered by traditional fossil fuels and proven renewable energy sources;
  5. Enjoy a public road network that facilitates the safe and efficient flow of traffic throughout the Territory;
  6. Ensure the availability of affordable regulated public transportation on each of the Territory’s four main islands;
  7. Ensure the availability of a reliable ground public transportation system, accesible to all;


  1. We believe that customers and employees should be treated with respect and due consideration;
  2. We believe in providing friendly, courteous, efficient and professional service;
  3. We are committed to serving you honestly, ethically and lawfully;
  4. We are committed to accepting responsibility for our actions;
  5. We are committed to operating with full transparency;
  6. We are committed to the efficient use of resources; and
  7. We believe in the commitment of our employees and stakeholders to the mission of the Ministry.


Ministry of Communications and Works Subjects include:

  1. Aircraft, Engines, and Mortgages Registration
  2. Airports
  3. Building Standards
  4. City Management
  5. Civil Aviation
  6. Disaster Recovery
  7. Electricity
  8. Explosives
  9. Facilities Management
  10. Fire and Rescue Service (including Lifeguard Services)
  11. Hazardous Materials
  12. Marine Transport
  13. Meteorology
  14. Ports and Harbours
  15. Public Works
  16. Roads
  17. Telecommunications (including Regulation of Broadcasting Media)
  18. Transportation and Traffic
  19. Vehicle Licensing
  20. Water and Sewerage
  21. Wickham's Cay Development
  22. Wrecks




Other Boards/Associated Agencies

Air Safety Support International
Taxi and Livery Commission
Office of the City Manager and Wickham's Cay Development Authority
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission