The minimum time for the certification process (registration, presentation, post-test, and issuance of certificate) is two hours.

Registration is valid for one year and a certificate of registration will be issued for that period. An application for renewal of the certificate of registration should be made no later than one month after the certificate expires.

Three adults and any children. Children are persons under 18. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Each premises in the territory is visited at least twice per year by the Vector Control Unit.  Special visits are made in response to mosquito nuisance complaints and high risk areas identified.

A location must be identified and the floor plan submitted for review.  If the design meets specification, a conditional letter is issued by the Environmental Health Division stating that a trade licence can be granted.  After the proposed establishment is inspected and the inspection is passed, a food establishment licence is issued by the Environmental Health Division.

Yes!  The trade licence is a conditional licence that authorises ownership of the business but it does not set regulatory standards for operation of the food establishment.  All food businesses are regulated under the Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations 1972.

Food Handler's training and certification for the sister islands is specially scheduled by the Environmental Health Division and advertised or announced in advance for food handlers and food business operators.

Yes.  This training is compulsory for all food handlers (temporary or full time).

Yes, all NPOs operating within the territory must be registered under the NPO Act, 2012.