When submitting the Application for Burial Form to the Ministry to import human remains from overseas, you should also submit an authentic death certificate showing cause of death and a burial permit from the Civil Registry. A letter of approval and an Importation Certificate or a letter of disapproval will be sent to you within two working days.

When a client is not satisfied with the outcome of their application they may request a meeting with the Division Supervisor.  If they are not satisfied with the decision of the Division Supervisor, a request can be made to speak with the Chief Social Development Officer.  In the event that the meeting with the Chief Social Development Officer is not satisfactory a request can be made to have an audience with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Generally speaking, anyone can apply for services.  Eligibility for services will be determined by the eligibility criteria set out by policies and legislation.

Upon expiration, you are mandated to complete the required medical examination and receive additional training for re-certification.

One can report a complaint as an anonymous complainant by filling out the Complaint Registration Form and placing anonymous in the space provided for name.  No additional information such as contact numbers etc. would be necessary.  Please note however, that it is the Division's policy to never reveal any complainant's name when investigating a complaint.  Sometimes when the person causing the nusiance is approached they may accuse who they believe to be the complainant,, but the Division remains silent on the matter whether they are right or wrong.  In other instances, depending on the nature of the complaint and who is being directly affected, it would be obvious who the complainant is.

As soon as you become ill after consumption of food, visit the nearest medical facility and request that samples of stool be collected for testing.  Preserve any leftover from the suspected meal.  Contact the Enviromental Health Division within eight hours for further instructions.

The Office of Gender Affairs supports victims by guiding them to the relevant agencies that could provide assistance.  This is usually done through an intake process.  The office is policy oriented and does not have the capacity to offer any other services to the client.

It is our aim to contact the applicant within two weeks of initial contact with the Department.

The permanent food handler's certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue, while the temporary food handler's certificate is valid for three months from the date of issue.