Yes.  There is a final examination.  After delivery of the presentation you would be given a written test to assess your knowledge and the food handler's certificate would then be issued.

Yes.  The minimum standard requirements are available for guidance.  Please contact the Division for further information.

If your vehicle has been tagged by the Department of Waste Management and the vehicle is still valuable to you the owner, we encourage you to remove the vehicle from the current location and secure it properly.  This should be done before the notice expires.  Persons can contact the Department of Waste Management to discuss why the notice has been affixed.

While it is impractical to go into the bushes to search for and destroy mosquito breeding grounds, Vector Control Officers routinely visit the ponds, ghuts, drains and other known places where storm water settles.  Through these actions the Vector Control Officers employ various techniques to curb the breeding of mosquitoes.

Mobile phones, alcohol, any drugs, firearms, ammunition, explosives, tobacco, flammable liquids, video and sound recording equipment, any edged or bladed implement or item that could be used as a weapon, any tools or any other item that is deemed unauthorized by the Superintendent under the Prison rules. Information will be provided and advertised on this site for any additions.

All food handlers must be free from communicable diseases and keep all parts of their clothing as clean as reasonably practicable.  They must have short clean fingernails free from artificial nails, wash hands as often as necessary and be free from any infected cut or abrasion.

The international observations celebrated by the Office of Gender Affairs include:

  • International Women's Day on 8th March;
  • Men's Health Week in June;
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October;
  • 16 Days of Activism from 25th November (International Day for the Elimination to end Violence against Women) to 10th December (International Human Rights Day).
The fee is $100 for a newly formed organisation. For existing organisations where the gross annual income does not exceed two hundred and fifty thousand dollars the fee is $50. For existing organisations where the gross annual income exceeds two hundred and fifty thousand dollars the fee is $100.

The objectives of the Office of Gender Affairs are:

  • To comply with the United Nations Conventions that promotes gender equality and equity accepted by the Government of the Virgin Islands (British)
  • To continually raise awareness about gender in the quest for a sustained and equitable society
  • To ensure the full enjoyment by all of their fundamental human rights and freedoms