The BVI Medical and Dental Council is responsible for:

  • assessing medical training programs (both medical school courses and the programs for training medical specialists)
  • assessing International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who wish to practice Medicine and Dentistry in the Virgin Islands
  • registering medical practitioners
  • maintaining professional standards in the medical profession
  • advising the BVI Government on the recognition of medical specialties

An NPO cannot operate in the Virgin Islands (British) unless it is registered under the NPO Act, 2012. An NPO that fails to register commits an offence and is liable for a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or both.

If the establishment fails inspection, the proprietor is given a report of the findings and remedial actions that need to be taken within a given time frame.  When the remedial requirements are complied with, a licence is issued.  However, where there is no compliance, steps are taken for legal action against the proprietor. 

A non-profit organisation or organisation is a body of persons whether incorporated or unincorporated, established solely or primarily for the promotion of charitable, religious, cultural, educational, social or fraternal purposes, or other activities or programmes for the benefit of the public, or a section of the public and which raise or disburses funds in pursuance of its objectives primarily within the Territory.

At the Ministry of Health and Social Development complete an Application for Burial Form. Staff at the Ministry will give assistance with completing the form if needed. Please ensure that you have available the following documents/information:

  • Death Certificate
  • Permission to Bury Certificate
  • Name of Funeral Home making arrangements
  • Date of burial
  • Name of Minister/Pastor/Leader of religious organization performing burial
  • Burial Site (Contact the Manager for the burial ground to secure a burial spot)

The Ministry of Health and Social Development will approve permission for burial within one to two working days. Collect Permission for Burial and take copies to:

  • Minister/Pastor/Leader of religious organization performing burial
  • The Funeral Home
  • The Burial Ground Manager

The mandate of the Office of Gender Affairs is to promote gender equality and equity through programs and policies, in an effort to comply with the Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and in preparation for periodic reviews to achieve a gender just society.

Individuals who are interested in loaning litter bins for an event are required to fill out the litter bin loan agreement form which is supplied by the Department. Individuals are required to have this form completed, signed and returned to the Department two weeks prior to the event.

When you submit an application for burial at sea, you will need to have on hand the following documents:

  • An original Death Certificate
  • A Certificate of Cremation if the body was cremated
  • A request to import the remains of the body or ashes if coming from outside the Virgin Islands (British)
  • A letter from the funeral home that will prepare the body for burial stating how the body was prepared
  • A letter of consent from the boat captain or persons who will transport the body or remains to the Virgin Islands (British)

A response will be given within five working days of receipt of the application and all supporting documents.

The Office of Gender Affairs falls under the Ministry of Health and Social Development.